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Suminex is dead, but has been reborn

submitted by Admin to Announcements 3 months ago


Hey guys. Just wanted to give an update to anyone still following this project. The Sumienx game you knew is dead. In a previous posts I talked about how I struggled with what I wanted to the game to become, and back then I made the decision to focus on xen-like pvp. Well I've come to the realization that I have no interest in completely mimicking xen. I want to mimick the xen pvp and crazy gameplay, but many other aspects of xen are bland which is extremely limiting to me.

So the game is shifting towards an open world roguelike survival horror game in the style of Xen/GTA 2. Online play, top down view, in a huge urban and rural environment with vehicles, guns, full pvp, permadeath. Basically high tension gaming craziness.

Here's the jist of it so far..

Escape zombies/undead and other human players as you scavage for guns, ammo, cars, medical supplies and a safe hide out

Perma death. If you die it's over, you instantly start off as a new character. But in your journey you can find procedurally generated NPC survivors which will join your "group". Your group consists of the characters you have at your disposal, which have access to your loot, safe house, etc. You can switch between these characters either manually at your safe house, or forcibly when the character you're playing dies. So you really only die and start over when all your characters die.

Player health and injury is inspired from rimworld. Limb health, amputation, infection, etc. which affect combat, speed, etc.

Body upgrades/enhancements with android technology (also similar to rimworld). Fight old age and try to keep your favorite surviver forever.

The game will have gambling (black jack already works!) and feature drug use. Some drugs will benefit you, some will have side effects. Don't get addicted!

Personal vehicles and vehicle upgrades. Vehicles require gas.

Basically it's an online GTA2, Rimworld, Rust, Resident evil, Xenimus inspired top-down survival horror shooter.

I already have vehicles working and running over monsters is fun.

The foundation for everything is already in place due to my previous work, so progress is coming along quick Building up an urban game world will take some time, but I am having fun with it, building on top of the old game world. Right now I have a 4 story hospital with zombies roaming around where the port shrine used to be. This is where new characters will start for now. Gotta make it out, hopefully to a working car outside to start your journey.

I know some will be disappointed, but this new path has given me so many ideas and inspiration and has re sparked my interest in developing, it's looking extremely promising can't wait for you guys to try it out.
Preview of the next patch's notes

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The games consumes significantly less ram, about 50% less on start up and should boot up faster as well

Quests and a quest log has been added. You can type quest or task, or use the "talk" ability around an NPC to be given a quest. You can hand them in the same way.

Skills and a skill ui have been added

Enemy hp and strength have been adjusted.

Player stats have been adjusted

Enemies no longer deactivate when going too far from their origin position

Tueri has been added

Velocitas has been added

Flamma has been added

Nocte Visus has been added

Contra visus has been added

Contra Magicus has been added

Red beam has been added to clerics

Divius Tueri has been added

Star has been added

Moon beam has been added to clerics

Fragor impsum has been removed from clerics

Added a new spell called whirlwind to warriors

Added stealth to thieves

Spin, Attack run and leap slam have been improved

Clerics can no longer use swords

You can no longer wear shields with 2 handed weapons

Necromancer have a new multi spell called Death Swarm

Removed Multi Animus Nex from Necromancers

Removed multi beam from all classes

Port shrine and transport shrine have been revamped.

Added strength, agility, constitution, intelligence, and wisdom shrine

Added star shrine

It can now rain in the world

Fixed issue with prop shrine not properly calculating black pearls

Many more undocumented improvements
Blackjack !

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You can now play Blackjack in Suminex. Just a little mini game to gamble gold on. I'd like to put in a number of ways to gamble gold and this is one example. It's pretty fun and addicting, but beware it's easy to go broke! My advice is make a big win and walk away :P
The new boards are up.

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Hey guys, welcome. The new boards are up. This forum will change and improve overtime, and I will eventually incorporate the main page into it for a seamless experience. While it may be barebones at the moment, it's already better than the last forum I was using as it alerts you to new posts to your threads and allows you to send PMs. Unfortunately you will have to create a new account. The rules are simple and same as the last forum

1. Don't spam
2. Don't post illegal content
3. Don't be a dick

Enjoy your stay.